virginiapaints (virginiapaints) wrote in lymelight,

New at this

I am new to this community and to the realities of Lyme disease.  I am from Chester County in Pennsylvania and the incident rate of Lyme is staggering.  The disease has never been an issue for me personally until my daughter fell in love with a man with chronic Lyme.  In the process of learning more to help my future son-in-law I am becoming more and more outraged at the difficulties they are facing with proper diagnosis, treatment, hearing it's "all in his head", or "sorry, we don't take insurance".
ANY and ALL information is welcomed. 
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Hello! I'm so sorry you've had to join those of us dealing with this horrible disease, and the medical community's tragic lack of concern.

This community isn't very active, as you've probably noticed by now. I highly recommend visiting , the flash discussion group there is very active and helpful. They can also guide him towards finding a lyme-literate medical doctor, which is vital, since most doctors even in areas where it's endemic have a poor understanding of the disease.

He may also find it helpful simply as a support group. When you wake up at 3am with some new weird symptom, it really helps to have somewhere to go ask "is this normal for lyme, or is this something else I need to worry about?"

But for me it's been most valuable for discussions of which treatment protocols have helped different people, especially using complementary medicine such as herbs, rife machine, and ozone therapy along with the antibiotics and other mainstream meds.

Just keep in mind that a lot of us have severe brain fog and some emotional instability due to the disease, so be a bit patient.

Also, wikipedia has a great overview of what lyme is and the most common treatments.
I haven't reviewed it recently and of course wiki can be changed by anyone and therefore is not a definitive source, but last time I checked it was quite accurate.

I hope he finds a road to a better quality of life soon. Having loving and supportive friends and family is every bit as valuable as any medication, so he's very fortunate to have family - or almost family ;)- who actually want to understand and help.